Sherri Renee (sherriberri) wrote in kings_of_badass,
Sherri Renee

.::Name::. Sherri
.::Age::. 22
.::Gender::. Female

.::Bands::. Gym Class Heroes, The Beatles, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Sugarcult, etc.
.::Color and why::.'s cheerful
.::Lyric::. "Take me away
To a place where the good times good times roll
Don't let me stay
In a place where this hate can steal my soul"
-Tommy Lee
.::Concert((if you haven't been to one…skip)) and why?::. Emery/Gym Class Heroes. Emery had an amazing stage show, energetic, and the crowd was hyped up. Gym Class Heroes were a sound I had never heard before. It was *quality* hip-hop

.::Abortion::. I'm not against it, as long as it's done in the early stages. If someone is raped, molested, too young to have a child, or just don't want a more than likely won't be a good situation for anyone (parent, child, etc.)
.::Pre-marital Sex::. It's not for me right now, but I don't care what other ppl do.
.::Same Sex Marriage::. I'm more for civil unions
.::Labeling::. It can be unfair, but it's part of how the world is

.::Fall, winter, spring, summer?::. Fall
.::Do you like/know the mods?::. Don't know them
.::Post at least two pictures of yourself**Post one with a clear view of you and big enough for the members page...thanks**::.

.::Current sound::. The Simple Life 2: Road Trip
.::How did you find this community::. Through a friend on LJ
.::Promote us in 2 other places **1 community and 1 livejournal** links as proof::.
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April 14 2006, 04:05:59 UTC 11 years ago